New Mom and Baby Essentials this Fall

CeraVe Baby Wash & Shampoo

Bath time is fun time in my household and washing a baby can be fun and challenging so having a good baby wash and shampoo is essential. 

I love finding products that are fragrance free and tear free like CeraVe Baby Wash & Shampoo that can clean and be gentle on his skin.  Plus it is dermatologist – developed and formulated with three essential ceramides so we can have a fun and easy bath time.   




For me, it’s a must to have toys that stimulate and grow with my babies and Lamaze toys certainly do that.  I love that they are safe for him to play with now and through toddler years. 

He has been learning to grasp and hold as well as shake so their Puffaboo Elephant is easily a favorite toy for my youngest.   He loves the crinkly ears, squeezing to hear a squeak and his brothers love to squeeze the trunk to blow out a puff of air. 

The hammer makes noise every time it hits which fascinates him and gives my toddler the giggles.  The Soothing Panda bear is a little more challenging for my baby at the moment but my toddler is loving all the different features and snuggling with it.




Philips Avent  


Most new moms have experienced multiple bottles when trying to feed their newborn whether they are breastfeeding, pumping, formula feeding or all of the above.  I know I’ve gone through my fair share of bottles so it’s important to share the ones that work!  A few things I like about the Philips Avent Anti – colic bottle is that it has a wide neck and fewer parts making it easy to clean and the shape of nipple doesn’t go flat when I’m trying to feed the baby propped up.  

My youngest also loves their Soothie snuggle because the lightweight plush toy is soft, easy to hold and separates for easy cleaning.




If you have put shoes or boots on a toddler then you know the struggle is real!  These booties and cruiser shoes are perfect for babies and toddlers.  I can’t tell you how happy my toddler was with these because he could put them on almost on his own and was a very happy camper!

They have a wide opening making it easier for them to put on and adjustable toggles to secure around their ankles for the booties and velcro for their cruiser shoes.  Plus, I love that they are non toxic, non slip rubber soles, and vegan.


T.N. Dickinsons 

If you have ever had a natural birth then you already know all about this product but did you know there were other uses for witch hazel?! 

T.N. Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Hemmorrhoidal Pads have both Witch Hazel and Aloe making them extra gentle and healing.  The relief I got from these make it a new mom must have!   I used these multi times a day post partum for the first few weeks and a trick my labor and delivery nurse taught me years ago was to store them in the fridge so they would provide an even better cooling effect or relief.  

T.N. Dickinson Witch Hazel 100% Natural Astringent can be used to relieve oily, irritated, blemished and red skin.  I love that it is non oily with no artificial fragrances or dyes.



If you are like me, you try to get clean products with clean ingredients especially when it comes to your little baby.  Oilogic has a line of baby essentials but the two I reviewed were their Stuff Nose & Cough Vapor Bath and their Slumber & Sleep Essential Oil Linen Mist.  I have to say these have been used by my older kids as they have returned to school and alongside that are the stuffy noses and etc.

Oilogic Stuffy Nose & Cough Vapor Bath was new to me and I loved it because I can easily do this with my youngest in the bath and it uses natural essential oils to help calm down the cough and open airways plus !  (formulated for babies 3+ months)

Bedtime routine is important in my house especially with kids ranging in age from 13 years old down to 8 months old.  Oilogic Slumber & Sleep Essential Oil Linen Mist uses lavender oil and chamomile oil to help relax and calm my baby and toddler before nap time and bedtime.  Just spritz it on a pillow, blanket, stuffie or sheet.

After having 7 kids, I feel like I have had a lot of practice choosing new mom and baby essentials and all of these items fall into that category. 

What would you choose from these new mom and baby essentials this fall or would you choose them all?  Let me know in the comments!




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  1. These are so helpful. I think I definitely need to try the Oilogic products!

    1. Yes! WE love it and I really love that it’s a natural options plus how easy it is to use.

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