Homemade Hot Chocolate Bombs

Have you ever seen Hot Chocolate Bombs?  I saw a package of them in the store and thought that they would be fun to make at home with the kids!  I also think these homemade hot chocolate bombs would make a great gift, addition to a gift basket or could even be gifted as a do it yourself kit that could be gifted all year round.  Making a cup of hot chocolate was never this fun before!  You drop one of these homemade hot chocolate bombs into your cup, pour in hot milk and watch it ‘explode’.  My kids loved these so much!  Read below to see how to make some of your own homemade hot chocolate bombs!



What You’ll Need:


1.  Silicone mold.

I ordered this silicone ice ball mold  from Amazon but you could also find one in stores like Jo Ann’s, Walmart and Michael’s. 













2.  Chocolate – I used semi sweet chocolate chips and Bakers white chocolate bars

3.  Hot Chocolate powder or your own mix of Cocoa powder and sugar.

4.  Marshmallows – I used mini marshmallows

5.  Sprinkles (optional) – I used Christmas colored sprinkles


What To Do:

Melt your chocolate.  You can either melt in a bowl and transfer into the mold or melt it directly in the mold.

Use the back of a small spoon, spread the melted chocolate around the mold.  Make sure not to make the layer too thin or it will crack when you remove it. 

Put the mold in the freezer for 5 minutes.

Slowly release the edges then turn upside down and push the chocolate mold out.

You’ll need 2 halves to form the hot chocolate bomb.

(Use gloves to avoid fingerprints which I learned later)

In one of the chocolate molds, I used 1 tsp hot cocoa powder, 6 marshmallows and a pinch of sprinkles.

Warm up a plate for 30 seconds.  Place a chocolate mold to melt the edges then quickly place on top of the filled mold.


Check out the step by step video below to see what I did.



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