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Things to consider before searching for a house because believe it or not there is leg work to be done before actually searching for a home.  It can be difficult to find a new home to rent or buy as it can be a large investment and long-term commitment.  There are many things to consider before renting or buying a new home so that you’ll be comfortable and happy.  Everyone wants to look for  some really affordable house and land packages, and what curb appeal attracts your attention.  Choosing a home is, of course, a highly personal decision.  Before you start looking at houses, you should figure out what elements of a home are negotiable and which are deal-breakers, how much you can afford and what kind of place you want to reside in (including neighborhood and school district).  Continue reading below for more things to know before searching for your house.

House Dimensions 

Before you contact a real estate agent, you should have a general sense of the size of house you want. Determine your minimum and maximum square footage requirements, as well as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you’ll require. 

The size of the house you should buy or rent will be based on personal preferences and family size.  While having a larger house has the advantage of providing more space for members of your household as well as house guests, there are advantages to having a smaller home.  Smaller residences are easier and less expensive to clean, furnish and maintain.  Knowing what size will help narrow down the homes available and save you time from looking at ones that do not meet your preferences.


What kind of yard you want is also important and a matter of personal preference. Do you desire a large amount of property with attractive, low-maintenance landscaping? Or do you want to have more lawn or landscaping to garden? Perhaps you want a property that is set back from the road and is more private.  

You’ll also need to consider what kinds of amenities you want in your backyard and will require space and maintenance such as streams and ponds to pools, hot tubs, patios, swing sets, decks, built-in grills, and more can be found. These are appealing and useful aspects for some people.


The bedrooms in the house will be suitable for your needs depending on what you intend to use them for. Families with little children, for example, may not desire a property where the master bedroom is on a different floor than the children’s bedrooms. 

If you intend to convert an extra bedroom into a home office, you may prefer a layout in which the bedrooms are located further away from the kitchen and living area. It will ultimately come down to what best meets your needs.


The location of the house will be important in regards to commuting for work, school or fun.  This is where it may be difficult for some as the cost of homes may be more expensive near certain areas of your city so you will need to decide if the commute is worth it.  Those with children will need to consider school districts if they have school aged children.  The location of grocery stores, restaurants, shopping malls, movie theaters, etc may also be a consideration.


Ultimately this is a financial decision as you will need to figure out how much you can afford.  Information is key.  If you are renting find out about the security deposit, fine details regarding clean out costs, maintenance fees, or other fees that may be in your rental contract.  If you are buying a home it is important to learn all you can about mortgages, loan rates, payments, points and etc.  Shop around and find out if there are benefits that you can utilize, for example VA loans for military members.   All of this will narrow down what homes are available for you to preview and consider when you actually start searching for your new home. 




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