Twine Bunny Art


This jute twine bunny art is a neutral and easy decor item to spruce up your home for spring.  I love the look of jute twine and it’s easy to use!   I got this ball of Jute twine from the Dollar Tree but you can also order it from Amazon Link.   Another easy diy is pom poms.  My local Dollar Tree did not have white yarn pom poms in stock so I made my own.  Read below to see how I made this twine bunny art. 


What You’ll Need:

  • Canvas board
  • Jute Twine
  • Glue or hot glue gun
  • Pencil/pen
  • Cotton ball or pom pom
  • Printer
  • Scissors

Twine Bunny Art:

My local Dollar Tree had these 5×7 canvas boards in a two pack which have been great for lots of art activities with the kids.  

Step 1

Print and cut out the bunny template here.

Trace onto your canvas board.

Step 2

Glue down your jute twine and go around the body of the bunny.  Cut and glue down in the middle.

Start again for the bunny head, glue down the twine and go around then glue down in the middle.  Repeat for each ear.

Step 3 

Glue down a pom pom for the bunny tail.  There are several ways to make a pom pom and a pom pom maker is the easiest however I couldn’t find mine so I used a fork!  It made the perfect size pom pom for the bunny tail. 

Wrap at least 20 times around the fork then in the middle tie down and pull tight.  Remove from the fork and cut through both sides.  Fluff up and trim if needed.  

Helpful Video Tutorials

Sharing this quick video to show how I made this twine bunny art!  Let me know if you find these helpful and I’ll make more.


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