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Are you ready for fall?  Fall is my favorite season so I am ready but we aren’t quite there yet.  According to the Google calendar, fall doesn’t officially begin until Wednesday, September 22.  Now that we live in Texas, I’m not quite sure that we will be experiencing the typical fall weather anytime near that date but nonetheless today I’m sharing A is for Acorn FREE printables.  Continue reading below to find out how you can grab your free copies!

What You’ll Need:




Do Dot Markers or crayon or marker


Glue Stick


Coloring Printables:


  1.  Print do a dot coloring worksheet here.
  2.  Print symmetry drawing sheet here.

Numbers and Math Printables:

Step 1

Print my Acorn number worksheet here.


Step 2

Print my fall count and graph worksheet here.




Step 1

Print my Acorn counting worksheet for Kindergarten here.


Step 2

Print my fall count and graph worksheet here.




Writing Practice Printables:



  1.  Print letter Aa writing worksheet here.
  2.  Print lower case a and upper case A do a dot or coloring worksheet here.

Acorn Science Printable:



For fun I created an acorn anatomy worksheet.  This is great for all ages since I learned about the parts of an acorn too!  Using the completed acron anatomy worksheet I reviewed it with my preschooler and kindergartener.  For my older kids, I removed the labels and placed them at the bottom for them to cut and glue in the proper place to label the acorn.  Quick, easy and fun.  You can print the acorn anatomy sheets here.

It’s a blog train!  Now that it’s almost fall, my GalPals and I are sharing acorn themed printables.  Head over to these blogs to see what they are sharing today!.



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  1. What a fun round up and such a great variety of acorn themed activities.

  2. These are all so cute! You are my go to for printables!

  3. These are all so so cute!!

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