My favorite season is coming up….fall!  I’m ready for the cooler temps and all things fall – cozy sweaters, falling leaves and cooking all the savory recipes.  To add a little fall home decor I made these DIY leaf coasters!  Quick and easy, I just printed out a leaf template and cut the leaves out of dollar store cork sheets.  Continue reading below to grab your FREE leaf template and read my step by step instructions to make your own set.  

What You’ll Need:

1 – 2 cork boards – the dollar tree has single cork adhesive sheets


Pen or pencil


Scissors or exacto knife

Pattern – leaf pattern options below

What To Do:


Step 1

Print and cut out my leaf trivet template here or here.

Print and cut out my leaf coaster template here or here.  

Step 2

If using the dollar tree adhesive cork sheets, one sheet will make a trivet and two coasters.  

Trace the leaf template out onto the back of the cork adhesive sheet and cut out with scissors or exacto knife. 



Step 3 

For the trivet I used two and stuck them together back to back in order to get enough thickness.   For the coasters I left the adhesive on the back and used as is!



Step 1   

That’s it, quick and simple  DIY leaf trivet and coasters!  

This would probably be quicker with a cricut machine but mine is currently in storage so I couldn’t use it.  It’s simple enough since the cork sheets aren’t really thick which is why I pressed two together for the leaf trivet. 


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