Benefits to Building Your Own Home


Building your own home is a huge financial and personal decision and for many people building a home of their own was a bit of a dream – something that was reserved for others.  In the last few years, building your own home has become much more common and more affordable.  Once you have found your home builder that aligns with your vision and budget, it won’t take long before you build the home of your dreams. 

What are the benefits of building your own home? 


One of the absolute best benefits to building your own home is that it will have all the things you want. If you need bedrooms on the ground floor, and the upper floors – you can have them. Two garages? No worries. No garden, but a bit of a patio? Perfect. No matter what you need, you can work with your chosen home builder to get it.   For example, we opted for an extra bedroom rather than a family room to accommodate our large family.


It is quite shocking for many people that it can be cheaper to build your own home rather than buy one.  Your initial build price may be more expensive than buying a pre-built house but you can have home with features built in that will save money in the long run.  Ultimately you can own and run a home for cheaper than the average cost of a pre-built or existing home.  

Energy Efficient 

The rising price of energy has and will have many people struggling but if you opt for an energy-efficient home in the first place, with all of the features that can reduce costs, you can save money yearly or in the long run. Heating systems, water usage, appliances, air conditioning and how the homes retain heat can drastically differ from a traditional home compared to a custom built one.  Our old home had one A/C unit that struggled to cool our entire house but our newly built home has 2 energy efficient A/C units each cooling a floor so everyone is very comfortable.


Since everything in the home will be new, built top spec, and with the best materials for the job – there will be very little maintenance that you’ll need to do for the years following moving in.  While you can say the same thing about a new build home, many new builds are built at high-speed and have no individual designs in mind resulting in flaws.  Now, neither you nor your spouse needs to tackle any DIY home projects or renovations into a newly built home which is another one of those benefits to building your own home is that !

It’s not DIY

Have you been viewing homes and running a mental checklist of everything you will need to do to it? It can take a long time to prepare a house this way. Taking up a lot of time and costs that could’ve been better spent elsewhere. When you have a home built to your specs, it will be covered by contractors and professionals – another benefit to building your own home is it is a DIY-free zone!  


Should you decide to sell later, research suggests up to 25% profit on top of the investment to build the home in the first place. Often because self-build homes have a little extra land and a unique style, buyers are interested in owning something no one else has. 


These are just a few of the benefits to building your own home and once the house is ready, you get the joy of choosing how to design the interior and adding all of the beautiful finishing touches to something that has been built straight from your own imagination.   Some people take the opportunity to live a more simplified stripped-back lifestyle so make sure to check out: Tips on how to start living a minimalistic lifestyle.


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