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Summer is right around the corner and with that our schedules tend to relax however household chores don’t take a break!   I am a firm believer in teaching my kids how to do chores beginning in their early years and as they get older they are asked to do more.  As a mom of seven kids from the ages of 12 years old and down to four months old, I want to instill good daily habits, good hygiene, responsibility, and teach them basic life skills.  

Simple, budget friendly and easy to create, these chores sticks are a great addition to your household and a fun way to mix things up.  I have no desire to spend hours setting up a new chore schedule each week nor mediate arguments on whose turn it is to wipe down the dining table or vacuum during the summer break.  Chore sticks are truly a quick and easy and customizable tool to help get you started with introducing chores to your kids or change things up in your household chores routine!  Scroll on down to read more and print your FREE copy of my daily routine for younger kids!

What You’ll Need:

  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Daily Routine FREE Printable
  • Paper
  • Sharpie
  • Jar or container (hold popsicle sticks)
  • Printer (if printing daily routine chart)

What To Do:

Simply write the the household chores onto the popsicle sticks with your sharpie to create your chore sticks.  I have found it to be more successful when I include my children in the planning stage especially my older ones when I am introducing something new.  We all agreed on the household chore duties and that they would choose two sticks each night before dinner so everyone knew what they were responsible for.  When completed they come to turn in their chore stick and I put it back into the jar for another day.  

Here are a few household chore ideas to get you started:

  • Set table 
  • Empty dishwasher
  • Wipe down table
  • Wipe down counter
  • Clear table
  • Load dishwasher
  • Sweep kitchen
  • Vacuum kitchen
  • Take out recycling
  • Take out garbage
  • Water plants
  • Tidy up entryway


Daily Routine

Now for my younger kids, they have a daily routine not so much a chore chart.   These are things that everyone is expected to do daily such as getting dressed, brushing teeth, making beds, cleaning up toys, etc.  If you took it out you are expected to put it away although my younger kids need help and my older kids need reminders.

My younger ones do better with visuals since they are not reading yet so I have created this FREE printable daily routine chart to share with you!





Chores:  “the regular or daily light work of a household or farm.” or “a routine task or job”.


No matter how you approach chores or daily routines in your household this is a great way to start and/or create a daily routine.  Let me know if you decide to give these chore sticks a try and don’t forget to grab my free daily routine chart for your younger kiddos!  Save it for later and make sure to head over to my friend Alex, who is sharing a FREE printable chore chart for toddlers!



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