Scavenger Hunt Free Printable

Scavenger Hunt Printables

The kids love a good scavenger hunt so today I’m sharing two new ones that I made!  Whenever we go on a road trip or on a walk they love looking for things.  I don’t always have a printable on hand so they will just play “I Spy” back and forth and back and forth. 

The first free printable is colors of the rainbow since I am working on word/color recognition with my 5 year old.  You can click here to print your own copy! 



The second free scavenger hunt printable is a nature scavenger hunt.  I trid to list common objects and animals that you would see on a walk around your neighborhood or on a hike.  The reated a few Earth Day printables for my kids to reinforce the idea of reduce, reuse and recycle.  You can download the files to print at home for free!  Just click here to print your own copy! 

It’s a blog train!  Check out some more fun scavenger hunt ideas and printables my GalPals are sharing over on their blogs!








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  1. Super cute! I love that the rainbow one can be done anywhere!

  2. These are GREAT ideas!!

  3. Beautiful fresh printables. Love them

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