DIY Garland

DIY Garland


Deck the halls with DIY garland fa la la la la la la la la……

I love the look of the wooden bead garlands and have seen them in the stores and all over social media.  I actually already purchased a kit of wooden beads years ago so this seemed like a perfect use for them for this DIY.  Instead of buying new supplies I decided to reuse some brown paper bags for the houses.  If you are more talented in sketching you could easily sketch out the houses directly on the brown paper bags but I used a Cricut to cut out some templates.  

What You’ll Need:

Wooden beads



-Paper bags, cardboard or brown card stock to make the houses

-Chalkola pens or sharpie

-String to hang



What To Do:

I used my Cricut to cut out two different house templates and a star template.  

In Cricut design space, for house 1.  I used a square and triangle shape.  I made them about 3” then moved the triangle to overlap the square, selected both shapes and clicked weld.

For House 2, I used a rectangle and hexagon shape about 5”.  I lined up half the hexagon so it made a ‘roof’ then selected both shapes and welded them together.

For the star it was just the Cricut basic star and I made it 4”.

Using the Cricut templates I traced the houses onto the brown paper bags and cut them out.

The kids used a white Chalkola pen to decorate!



Thread your needle with the string and start making your wooden bead garland.  I used 10 small size, 3 medium, 10 small, 3 large and repeated until it was about 3ft long.

Cut some string 2” long.  Loop around your garland and tape to the back of your house or star decoration.  You could also use cute mini paper clips.  The best part is I plan to interchange these throughout the year for different holidays!

My older 4 kids had fun decorating each one and I love seeing the different ways they did it!  I really like that I used materials I already had at home and reused the paper from paper bags.

Happy crafting!  If you make some of these please comment or share with me so I can see.  Head over to the accounts below to see what some of my friends created to add some extra holiday cheer around their homes!








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  1. Simple and cute! I love this garland craft!

  2. This is so fun! I wish I got these mailers. Definitely going to try it on some boxes

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