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Paper Snowflakes

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Only a 3 more sleeps until Christmas Day!  I have been having so much fun this holiday season sharing some of the fun crafts we do.  Paper snowflakes is a classic kid activity that I remember doing when I was a kid!  Just like real snowflakes these paper snowflakes are all unique and different.  This is also a budget friendly kid activity because you really could use any type of paper.  You could reuse paper bags, recycle school work sheets or use packing paper.  I have a wide range in ages and this was a great family activity for almost all my kids!  We found different paper snowflake ideas for everyone so keep on reading to see how we made them.



















3D Snowflake

My daughter said this 3D paper snowflake was her favorite one to make this year.  She has made them in different sizes and colors too.  

What you’ll need is 6 square sheets of paper.  If you don’t have a square sheet just fold over the top of regular printer paper to make a triangle and cut off the bottom.  

Fold over keeping the triangle shape.

Cut 4 lines leaving about 1” at the end so it isn’t cut through.

Open up.  Take the inside pieces and fold over. Tape.

Flip the paper over and bring the next set of edges together.  Tape to secure.

Flip the paper over and repeat.  
Flip the paper over and bring the outer edges together.  Tape to secure.

Repeat this with your remaining 5 square sheets of paper.

Take 2 icicles and tape the top points together.

Repeat this until you have 3 sets.

Finally take the 3 points and tape or staple to secure.

Add some tape to the middle of the icicles or where you see gaps to connect and complete the snowflake.  



Some crafty GalPals and I are sharing some kid friendly winter themed crafts on Instagram and on some of our blogs!  See what they are sharing to get some ideas for your little ones…







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