DIY Playdoh Kit

DIY Playdoh Kit – Beach Edition

With our recent failed beach trip my little guy was missing the beach so I made a beach themed DIY Playdoh Kit for him to play with!  He loved using the sea shells that our family picked up and brought home.  This little set up entertained him all morning long and we worked on a few learning activities along the way!

I found some beach themed items from our play bins and this kit/container from the dollar tree.  Some of the other items I ordered off Amazon: the mini roller and the round wooden circles.   

We are still working on letter recognition and writing practice so I included the names of common beach items on the playdoh mats.  We also have these wooden circles with the alphabet on them so I mixed them up and helped him arrange and rearrange to spell B-E-A-C-H.

What You’ll Need:

Beach playdoh mats (half sized mats click here and quarter sheet sized mats click here



Contact paper (I don’t have a laminator so I covered them with contact paper to keep them reusable with playdoh and dry erase markers)


Playdoh (I made this gluten free playdoh)  


What To Do:

After printing out the beach themed playdoh mats and cutting them down to size and lined it up with the contact paper.  Cut out the contact paper so it would fold over the beach themed playdoh mats.  Peeled off half the contact paper liner, stuck the playdoh mat and folded over the contact paper so the playdoh mat was covered on both sides.  Lastly, I trimmed down the edges and we were good to go!

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