J Crew & J Crew Dupe

If you have seen this sweater coatigan around then make sure to check this one out!  This is a new favorite in my closet and I’ve got to tell you for  over half the price I’m pretty happy with this Amazon find.  I’ve got it in more than one color and sized up to a M for a looser fit.   I love the weight, structure, pockets and length.  I’ve linked them for you to check out.

Lululemon Scuba Sweatshirt &

Target Dupe

I’m definitely a lulu fan but for a quarter of the price this Target half zip is definitely another new favorite.  I haven’t found leggings that have replaced my wunderunders completely but as the years and quality have changed Ive come up with a few alternatives.  The sweatshirt doesn’t have as thick of a luxe feel as my lulu version but it’s close and I liked the color Target carried.  I’ve linked them for you to check out!









If it’s cold where you live then warm and cozy scarves are probably a staple in your closet.  When we lived on the East coast I had a few favorites I used throughout the cold winter months.  Burberry is iconic and the price is an investment so in the meantime I’ve linked an Amazon dupe for you to check out.











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