Lollipop Baby Monitor Review


As a mom one thing I’ve become dependent on is a good video baby monitor.  As a mom of 6, I’ve tried quite a few over the years and today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the Lollipop Baby Camera!

*disclaimer:  this product was gifted to me in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions and thoughts are my own and links are not affiliate links just those provided by the company.*


Let’s go through what comes in the box!

Unboxing the lollipop baby monitor was simple and everything is beautifully packaged.  Check out my unboxing video below!  My first thought was that this was a cute video baby monitor and that it would be easy to assemble since there were only a few pieces.  I really love that they included 3 safety cord covers that stick to the wall/crib to prevent your little one from pulling on it.

On that note, I do wish it was wireless to avoid needing to cover the cord at all.


The lollipop baby monitor was very easy to set up!  There are limited parts to assemble and their unique bendable arm lets you place it around the crib or act as a stand!

The set up is equally simple.  You just download their app and plug it in.  Follow their simple three step set up on the app.  You do need to set up an account and have a reliable wifi connection similar to other app/phone based video baby monitors.  Within minutes my lollipop video baby monitor was streaming to my phone!


In my opinion, the lollipop video baby monitor does everything you need. There are additional features you can purchase which personally I feel those should not be add ones but other companies do the same so this is not outside the norm.

Video, noise, temperature, and notifications.  All of these can be adjusted in the lollipop app under settings.  For newborns, I tend to have the settings set to a more sensitive level but as they age I turn them down.  

Final Thoughts

I love that this lollipop baby monitor is portable, you can easily move it from room to room.  In the playroom for example, I do not need the cord covers as I place it higher up on a shelf and the cord is easily placed in or removed from the cord covers I attached to the side railing of the crib.  My son to my surprise has not touched it and does not appear to be interested in it.  If you do not have a reliable wiki connection this is not the baby monitor for you.





Another great thing is the lollipop video baby monitor is found on Amazon and that gives me piece of mind if anything were to happen during shipment.  If you’ve like to purchase one of your own, click on this link and the company has given me a code to share to save you 10%:  10USLOLLIPOP. 


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