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Are you working from home?  Now that things are back to a new normal some businesses are maintaining their work from home option for their employees!  A lot of my friends have decided to do a hybrid work model which means they work from home for the majority of the week and go into the office once or twice a week.  This seems an ideal work balance for maintaining office relationships, morale and teamwork yet you save time and money not having to commute daily.

As a full time SAHM, I’ve jumped into the blogging and content creation world this past year and it has been a great creative outlet for me.   I thoroughly enjoy it and can’t wait for another year to expand my portfolio and share more about my motherhood life.  As paid collaborations begun this became a part time job for me allowing me to earn some money while I share my motherhood life and favorite things.

Today I’m sharing some of my home office must haves that I think are helpful when setting up your home office or work space….some of these are things I have while others are on my wish list.

Work Space

This adjustable desk is the best find because you can sit or stand as you work.  I also love this ergonomic chair for when I want to sit.  Currently I don’t have a dedicated space for this set up but I plan to make room for it this year!

Home Office Must Haves

Chances are you’re using a laptop or ipad to do your work so here are some of my must haves from cleaning to aesthetics.

Stand – maximize your work area by propping up your laptop or ipad.

Bluetooth keyboard – if your ipad doesn’t have a built in keyboard this bluetooth keyboard is a game changer

Desk pad – this vegan leather desk pad keeps things from sliding around and keeps your desk clean.

Screen cleaner – this handy screen cleaner works on all different products so you have a nice clean screen

Wireless doorbell – When you need to minimize distractions just close the door and add this wireless doorbell so you are still accessible. This is great for so many uses around the house!

Cords – hide the power strip and cords with this cord box

Clock – keep track of time and charge you phone

Confidential tape roller – skip the bulky paper shredder and use this refillable confidential stamp roller to block off information you don’t want shared

Home Office Decor

I like to keep things plain in my home office or work space so it isn’t too distracting yet not too plain.

Washable rug – this modern artistic print is perfect for my taste but the fact that it is washable with no extra pad is the selling point for me.

Plants – I like to add some greenery to my space so low maintenance plants like this one is ideal.

Wall calendar – I like to be able to glance at the month and have a visual of what is going on each month so this wall calendar/organizer works great.


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