Paper Hearts

Paper hearts because why not?  My kids had so much fun making paper snowflakes this past Christmas and decorating the front window. I knew they would be just as excited to make paper hearts that we could use to decorate for February!  Any excuse to celebrate around here and we go for it.  Since we already jumped into all things hearts, I’m sharing a few easy to make paper heart crafts that you could do with or without kids……

Heart on heart

This is the simplest and most classic paper heart craft I could remember.  Using my Cricut (optional) I cut out 2 sizes of hearts in two different colors.  My preschool as always is so happy to be included so I always try to have easier versions or something for him to participate in.


Woven heart

There are several ways to do this and I chose one then realized even that one version could be done two ways!   This simpler version my 1st grader did independently while my 4 year old needed a little help.

Print out the template and fold in half along the middle line.

Cut up the 3 lines in the middle.

Cut both in half along the fold.

Placing one half in each hand, take the first strip and ‘weave’ through.  Continue with the next 2 strips.


Woven Heart Basket

The woven heart basket is a little trickier and my older ones loved it.

Print out the template and fold in half along the middle line.

Cut up the 3 lines in the middle.

Taking one half in each hand, take the first strip of red and weave through the first strip of white.  Then go over the next strip.  Then weave through.  Repeat.

Next row, go over then through.  Weave until done.

Paper Fan Heart

For this I used a 16×16 piece of scrapbook paper to make 2 paper fan hearts.   

Fold in half and using a rounded object like a bowl trace on either side.

Cut the rounded corners and then cut in half.

Fold about 1″ in and turn over.  Continue folding until the piece is all folded.

Fold in half.  Tape or glue the inside pieces together to complete your heart.

Repeat with the other piece of paper for the second paper fan heart.

3D Paper Heart

One fun way to include the kids is to have them decorate a piece of plain white paper.  The reason for 2 different sizes of paper was because I wanted to make 2 different sizes 3D hearts.  You could use regular sized construction or printer paper and turn it so you have different sizes too.

Fold and cut about 3” strips of paper.  You’ll use 2 pieces for each sized heart.  So trim down 2” of 2 strips at a time.  You’ll end up with 4 sets of 2 each being different sizes.  

Now, organize your pieces.  Match up the smallest then sandwich it with the next size.  Repeat with the other sizes.  Once it is all lined up to staple the bottom.  Bring all the pieces around for the top middle of the heart and staple.  

*If you have a stapler this is easier!  (My kids misplaced it and we couldn’t find it so we got creative to make it work)

This is what we did without a stapler…..

Tape the bottom.  Bring around into a heart shape and tape the inside.  Repeat with the other 3 sets.

Starting with the smallest heart, dab a bit of glue and fit the next sized heart in between the top. Repeat with the other 3 sets.

At the bottom start with the smallest, dab a bit of glue at the tip and fit into the bottom of the next sized heart.  Repeat with the other 3 sets.


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  1. Wow!! These are super cute

  2. I honestly didn’t even realize there were this many different ways to make paper hearts! My daughter will love these!

  3. Who knew there were so many ways to make paper hearts! I can’t wait to try some of these!

  4. Oh, I love them! My oldest son loves origami. He’s going to love making some origami hearts!

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