P is for Popsicle

P is for Popsicle!  Working on letters can be a challenge with my 5 year old.  Slowly but surely we are making progress, I just need to change up how we tackle learning the basics.  His attention span is hard to keep so I’ve been coming up with fun activities to keep learning fun!  Like most new 5 year olds, he is a hands on learner so by tackling letter practice and reinforcing them with objects and sounds has been the best combination.  


What You’ll Need:

  • P is for Popsicle template.  Click here to print
  • Paper
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil 

What To Do:


Step 1

Print out the free P is for Popsicle template – Click here.  

Lay out your paint chips.  I chose 3 of each color then let him choose one from each.  We reviewed what color, letter and letter sound each began with.   

Step 2

Cut paint chip sample into pieces.  We only needed one of each color. 


Step 3 

Let your child glue the popsicle with the paint chip sample pieces in any design!


Step 4 

Review P is for Popsicle and the letter sound P makes.  For extra practice, have your child trace the P is for Popsicle letters on top with a pencil.



Helpful Video Tutorial

Sharing these quick videos to show what I did!  Let me know if you find these helpful and I’ll make more.

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