Pool Bag Essentials for Kids

Pool Bag Essentials for Kids

Summer is in full swing and for us that means more time spent outdoors!  We have been on the go all summer long and between road trips we have gotten in extra pool time.  I like to have the kids pool bags ready to go so we aren’t scrambling around looking for things last minute.  Today I am sharing what I keep packed in my kids pool bags!

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1 – Swim suit

I love one piece rash guard swim suits like these because they don’t add the extra layer of loose fabric but still get the same protection.  


2 – Pool Bag

Pool bag or beach bag it’s nice to have one that can allow the items inside to dry.  My favorite is this plastic tote or a mesh bag so if we end up at the beach we don’t take buckets of sand home.



3 – Water bottle

It’s important to stay hydrated especially when active outdoors.  My kids also prefer cold water so these insulated reusable water bottles are our favorite.


4 – Snacks

Snack time is my kids favorite but not everyone wants the same snacks or they want multiple snacks.  To avoid excessive packaging or crushing their snacks I like to pack their snacks in divided contains.  This stackable snack container saves space and each kid has a few snacks to choose from!


5 – Towel

A good size towel is perfect for the beach and I like these cotton towels that soak up and dry quickly!

6 – Sandals

These adorable sandals are a staple each summer to protect their feet from the hot cement and the younger ones have a Velcro back to make it easier to stay on.

7 – Wet/Dry bag

After a day at the pool I like to rinse off their suits and change them before driving home.  These wet/dry bags are perfect to keep other things in the bag from getting too wet.

8 – Goggles

A good pair of goggles is another must have because my kids love diving under the water to play.  These are one of their favorites.

9 – Pool Toys

Pool toys provide countless hours of entertainment for my kids and you only need a few.  Their favorites are diving rings, torpedoes and water guns.

10 – Sunscreen

Good sunscreen is key because you want to protect their skin from the sun!  They always complain about the Montreal sunscreen being harder to rub in but I find that it really makes a difference in protecting their skin from being burned.


Some GalPals are sharing their Pool or Beach essentials too so make sure to make sure to check them out!



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  1. Such an awesome list..everything is covered

  2. That pool bag is so cute!! I’m definitely going to have to snag one for myself!

  3. I love the idea of a plastic pool bag or a mesh one.

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