Santa Letter and Wishlist Ideas


The Magic of Santa…..

November was a month full of thankfulness that I try to continue throughout the year and December is the month full of magical memories…Santa Claus is comin’ to town and it’s time to get your lists ready!  Writing letters to Santa is one of the things my kids look forward to every year and is a staple on our Christmas countdown/winter bucket list.  Every year my children ask to write them even my older kids as they grow out of the myth and learn about the real Saint Nicholas.  I love that they are excited to continue the magic of Santa and the letters give me an idea of what to get them.  Today I’m sharing a roundup of free printables to write Santa Letter and Wishlist Ideas to use with your family!

Santa Letter

This is a FREE letter to Santa printable from my friend Amy.  Perfect for your kids to fill out and for you to find out what they are wanting for Christmas this year! 

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Santa Letter

Check out my friend Alex and her FREE Santa letter printable!  She conveniently breaks down some categories for your little ones to fill (or you help fill) out:  to play with, to eat, to do, and to learn from.  

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Christmas Wishlist

Check out my friend Danielle and her FREE Christmas wishlist and more!  She conveniently lists out different categories for your kids to fill in:  “I want”, “I need”, “I wear” and “Something to read” so you can see what your kids are wanting this year.  Perfect for your school aged kids to fill out!  

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