Looking for a quick and budget friendly gift idea?

It’s officially Christmas….Christmas break! Tis the season for hot drinks and sweets so these little hot cocoa kits make a great for almost everyone. My kids like to hand out small gifts to their friends before going on Christmas break and in years past it has been chocolate covered pretzels, candy canes decorated with pipe cleaners as antlers, etc. This year we made tese hot cocoa kits and they were a hit with my kids and their friends so I’m sharing how we made them! Scroll down below for the FREE printable and directions on what you need.


What to do:

  1. Measure out 6T hot cocoa mix (2 servings)
  2. Twist and seal bag.
  3. Insert into another bag add in 1/4C chocolate chips and 1/2C marshmallows
  4. Twist and twist tie close
  5. Print out label and hole punch
  6. Thread through ribbon and attach

That’s it! Super easy and budget friendly. I did 35 bags during nap time and even decorated some for my first graders class as reindeer hot cocoa kits! See the video below to watch how to put one together.


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