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    End of Year Journal

Now that my four oldest finished their school year I like them to reflect and remember the highlights from their year.  It’s a fun way for me to see what they each remembered.  My older two have done this over the years in their own way but this year I decided to make a FREE printable to help them get started. 

I love hearing about their schools days and what went right or wrong for them.  It gives me a chance to see what they see and learn.  An end of the year journal with some prompts is the perfect way to kick off summer break and get them to write about their school year.

Just click the link below to print out your FREE copy!



“Live in the sunshine.  Swim in the sea.  Drink in the wild air”.

Ralph Waldo Emerson 

free National Parks Pass for 4th Graders

If you haven’t heard of this then make sure to read until the end to get to the NPS website and download the form to get your FREE annual National Parks Pass for 4th graders!  How cool is that?! 

I love taking my kids to explore outdoors and a great way for us to do so on a budget is to visit National Parks.  Each summer we take a road trip whether it be to a nearby national park, a neighboring state, or multi state we always make a point to explore the great outdoors.  Having a National Parks Pass saves us a lot of money because you only need one per vehicle so my family of 8 could get into the park on one pass which we can get for FREE thanks to their military pass.  They also have several programs for kids but one of my favorites is their Junior Ranger program. 

Just click the link below to read all the details about their programs then print out the form if you have a 4th grader and bring it with you next time you go to a National Park.



Season Passes

Season passes are another great purchase so that you can beat the rush and save on the parking all year long!  

We love having passes to the local Zoo and Sea World & Sea World Aquatica.  Some zoos have free admission while others we have always found to be very reasonable.  

I like to go as soon as they open and stay for a few hours before it gets too hot then head home for lunches and naps!  Usually after a few hours the kids are worn out and if I’m prepared we picnic lunch before heading home so its a fun day all around.  I don’t feel guilty for not staying the whole day because we have passes and can go back as many times as we like.  



Other easy summer activities for kids

With a house full of kids I’ve got plenty of craft supplies on hand but here are 3 easy activities for kids using supplies you most likely already have at home!

  1.  Crayon & water color painting.  Draw or write with a white crayon then color over it with water color to show the message or drawing!
  2. Salt painting.  All you need is a pencil, glue, salt and water colors.  Draw something out, trace with glue, dust with salt and color by dabbing the salt!  
  3. Sidewalk chalk art.  Need a break?  Take the kids outside and give them some chalk.  Have them draw and color away.  My kids love to draw out a hopscotch to jump along or play tic tac toe. They also like to draw and color in and it’s so fun to see their creations.  

Crayon & Water Color painting 


Salt Water Color Painting


Sidewalk Chalk Art

Check it out!

I hope you found some ideas for your summer break with my list of summer activities for kids.  See what summer activities my friends are sharing on their blogs:

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