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I’m love finding new ways to up cycle or recycle things that I already have in my home to create new crafts, diys or decor items for each season.  One of my boys wasn’t feeling great so he stayed home from school and after doing some morning work we took a break and crafted.  He loves painting so I decided to make some spooky houses with cardboard from shipping boxes that hadn’t been recycled yet.  I already had the paint, pipe cleaners, and popsicle sticks from previous craft projects.  All I needed was a house outline which I found and edited in Canva!  Read below to see how you can make your own spooky house with my FREE printable spooky house template!


What You Need:

Spooky House Template – PRINT HERE

Paint or Markers

Hot Glue Gun



Pipe Cleaners, yarn, glitter, seasonal stickers or print outs, etc (whatever you have to decorate the spooky house)



My Favorites:

Some of my favorite craft supplies have been these……  

Cordless hot glue gun  here  or here to shop.

Scissors here or here to shop.

Paint here or here to shop.

Let’s Make It!

Print FREE Spooky House Template

Print out my FREE Spooky House Template and cut out.  Attach the first page to the second lining up at the edge of the house and tape or glue to secure it together.


Outline the spooky house onto your cardboard.


Cut out your spooky house.


Have fun and decorate your spooky house!

I used paint, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, and a cutout of pumpkins.  

That’s It!

That’s it, just finish decorating and display it to enjoy for the season!



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