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When it comes to the home it can have more risks in it than you would think in terms of health and safety risks. The problem with these risks is that sometimes you do not even know they are there and they can be the root cause of harm without even knowing it.  Identifying them and doing things to rectify them is easier said than done but here are a few tips for a safe and healthy home.




If you are someone who has allergies or someone in your household does then dust can be a real problem. Dust is known to aggravate allergies and unknown to most can have toxins in it, such as chemicals and different materials that can cause health issues if breathed in too much, so it can be a risk to your family’s health. One of the best ways to alleviate the dust and its build-up is to replace all carpeting with solid floors like wood or vinyl. This will help to reduce dust build-up and make hoovering up the dust much easier, carpets really keep in dust and grime even after a good hoovering which makes them hard to maintain. If you cannot replace your carpets then try hoovering at least two times a week, and get into the corners and around skirting boards to get up as much as you can. 


Have your home tested 


If you own an older property, mainly pre 1978 then you should look to have your home tested for toxins such as lead and Radon. Lead is more of a concern in older homes built before 1978 because lead paint is now banned, but it can be quite damaging so it is a safety risk. Radon is a separate issue and can be in new homes even, it is a radioactive gas caused by a natural breakdown of soil and rocks that happens under your home.  Radon is the second highest cause of lung cancer so it is something to check on, you can get Radon testing kits to test for it and make sure you are not at risk. 


Reduce your use of pesticides


Pesticides are used to deal with rodents and insects, however, over-exposure to this even in small bursts over time can have toxic effects, especially in children. It has been known to lead to things like asthma, brain development issues, and even learning disabilities. Instead of spending all that money on pesticides try and look into prevention which does not have the toxic issues that come hand in hand with pesticides. For example, if roaches are the problem then prevent this by keeping the home clean, no food left out, emptying bins and also sealing any cracks that lead into the home. Also if you are also using herbicides these can be an issue so try pulling weeds instead of spraying although it isn’t as effective it is less dangerous. 


Try and reduce air toxicity


Air pollution can be present in the home, in some cases it can even be worse than outside, because of this it is good to purify the air in your home to help reduce health issues. If you get yourself something like an HVAC you can purify your air and remove toxins creating better air quality for you and your family. This can also help to reduce things like mold spores and dust which can affect allergies and quality of life. 


Filter your water


Just like the air the water you drink from the tap can be polluted and have toxins within it, this can lead to gut issues and poor health, especially in children. However, some people just look to bottled water as the answer but this is not an easy fix as bottled water creates more waste so filtered water is a better option. Bottled water also has a risk of containing toxins which is why having a filter jug for your water or a filtered tap can help reduce toxins and waste by your family.


Home maintenance


Most safety issues in the home come from a poorly maintained home, this is a cause of injury more so than toxins or health. However some of the worst injuries come from things in the home breaking which cannot be predicted  but taking precautions by maintaining the home is the best option.  Home maintenance can increase the longevity of your home and can also save you money in the long run. You should check the roofing to make sure nothing has come loose that could fall on someone, check the gutters for blockages that could cause leaks that could flood your home and cause damage and mold, and check your appliances to prevent fires or flooding in your home.


I hope you find these tips helpful to maintain a safe and healthy home or to help you get started to reducing the chances of having issues in your home. 


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