5 way to use Name Bubbles for daycare 

5 Ways to Use Name Bubbles for Daycare 

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Looking for an easier way to get ready for daycare or back to school?  Whether you have sent kids to daycare or back to school before or not you will want to grab a set of these personalized labels from Name Bubbles to make your life easier!  Getting your children ready for daycare or back to school means gathering multiple supplies and items together so they are ready for the year ahead.  Some newer parents don’t realize how much stuff needs to be bundled together to be sent with their child when they begin.  Then ALL of these items need to be labelled for when they get misplaced or lost.  Often times a sharpie or home printed labels can work but it isn’t convenient nor clearly marked plus will  come off or rub off over time through washing or usage. 



Here are a few reasons why I recommend Name Bubbles:   

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Laundry safe
  • Waterproof
  • Microwave safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Personalized
  • Non Toxic Ink


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So reduce time, stress and money trying to label ALL the things and just stick Name Bubbles on ALL the things knowing your child’s items will be clearly labelled reducing the number of items you lose.  I’m a mom of 7 sharing these must have personalized label sets for getting ready for daycare or back to school and more!  Let’s jump into 5 ways to use name bubbles for daycare or back to school to make your life easier.


Water Bottles

In a group of water bottles with some often the same color and even brand it can be hard to tell which is which.  Having your child’s water bottle clearly marked makes it not only easy for them to find theirs in a daycare or school setting but will also prevent others from drinking out of your child’s water bottle.



Since Name Bubbles are laundry safe it is so convenient to label clothing items!  Parents of young children that attend daycare and even back to school in early grades are asked to send extra sets of clothes for the inevitable accident that occurs.  Labeling your clothing items will save your daycare provider or teacher time if things fall out of bags and you money so that your extra sets of clothing items have less chance of being lost!  It can be difficult to label all of your child’s clothing items so I suggest 1-2 sets dedicated for extra clothing plus jackets, shoes, hats and coats .  Plus Name Bubbles are laundry safe and waterproof and in their daycare packs included labels of all sizes making it easy to label all the different items.



Young children often times get their shoes mixed up when putting them on themselves so they end up on the wrong foot.  In the Name Bubbles daycare pack they include a set of stickers that can easily label your shoes but split the image helping young children match them so they can independently put them on properly.  My son is very independent and some times the battle isn’t worth the time to switch the shoes around before leaving our house in the morning so I switch them when we get to daycare or wherever we are going that morning.  After placing the Name Bubbles personalized label inside his shoe he was able to independently put them on the correctly as he loves trucks and easily understood how to match the shoes to make a truck saving me the hassle of correcting him or doing it for him.  That’s a parenthood win win!  



Labelling backpacks is another great way to use Name Bubbles personalized labels.  I place the label on the inside of their backpacks to help them from being lost and so the daycare provider or my child can always check inside to find their backpack especially if a friend has a backpack that is a similar color or pattern.  


Lunch Boxes

Lunchboxes are another great way to use Name Bubbles personalized labels.  In their lunchboxes I also place the label on the inside so they can easily see if it is theirs.  Often times another child will have a lunchbox that is similar in color or patterns so this helps the daycare provider or teacher return lunchboxes that are left behind.


Now you know why Name Bubbles personalized labels are a must have for daycare or back to school and also what to use Name Bubbles for to make your life easier so grab a set for ALL the things so you can easily get ready for daycare or back to school and more! 

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