Discover Outer Space with Leapfrog Magic Adventures Telescope

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Leapfrog Magic Adventures Telescope

What is the Leapfrog Magic Adventures Telescope?  It’s a new interactive telescope made just for kids!  Ready to use out of the box with clear and easy to follow instructions I appreciated the minimal assembly.  A real telescope that can focus and zoom up to 110x with a digital LCD screen making it easier for younger kids to use and see without relying on the eyepiece.  There is even an option to save photos of what they see through their telescope and a slot to expand memory through a microSD card slot.




What’s Included:

The telescope with LCD screen is ready to use out of the box!  No need to go back to the store and grab the correct sized batteries.  As a busy mom I can’t tell you how much it is appreciated when companies include the necessary batteries so the item is ready to use right out of the box.  There is also 

  • 18.3″ Telescope with day or night capabilities and 110x zoom
  • 2.7″ LCD color screen
  • 29″ Tripod Stand
  • 20 Cosmic Cards with storage box
  • 4 AA batteries so it is ready to use out of the box
  • 6 Space Categories to explore 650+ out of this world facts – solar system, Moon, star life cycles, constellations, space discovers and more with videos and photos from NASA and the European Space Agency
  • Built in camera to capture and save from 10 up to 100 photos if utilizing the memory card slot




My sons ages 5-10 years old all love it!  My 5 year old could easily navigate the home screen and choosing to play the interactive Robot Reboot! Adventure game.  He visited different planets and learned facts about the solar system with interactive games.  My 9 & 11 year old challenged themselves with the Cosmic Quiz cards and game by going through facts to see if they knew the correct answer.  They ALL loved looking through the telescope to explore the sky to see if they could find constellations which were a little hard to do in our suburban backyard.  They all were able to zoom in and view some birds and flowers in our backyard by viewing through the LCD screen.


This made a great birthday present for my newly turned 5 year old but was enjoyed by all!  You could easily gift this for birthdays or holidays for boys and girls ages 5-10.  I was impressed by the quality of information, interactive games and facts as well as the ease in usage amongst my boys.  As a mom, I really loved that this worked right out of the box.  Click here to shop and Discover Outer Space with Leapfrog Magic Adventures Telescope


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