diy Rainbow rice

What You’ll Need:

  • 6c rice
  • 6 tsp vinegar
  • 6 food safe dye colors (I used food coloring gel)
  • 6 plastic sandwich sized bags
  • 6 paper towels
  • Bin or divided tray

What To Do:


Measure 1c rice and dump into a plastic bag.  I decided to go with 6 colors so I needed 6c of rice and 6 bags.

Measure and add 1 tsp vinegar into each plastic bag.   Mix together well.  Then drop 3-4 drops of food safe color dye into each bag..

Mix it all to try and get the rice evenly colored/coated.

Lay out sheets of paper towels and then spread your colored rice out to let it dry overnight.  It may be crunchy in the morning but just crumble it up and it’s good to go!  I placed them back into plastic bags because I wanted to create a rainbow sensory bin.  


Set Up Your Sensory Bin

I got this sectioned bin that I have found to be handy for different kinds of play activities for my kids and it is much sturdier than the dividd tray I had from the dollar store that I used to use.  I added a few other toys with the rainbow rice to make the sensory bin:  wooden dolls, wooden discs spelling out R-A-I-B-O-W, Pop it, etc.  You can use whatever toys you have on hand – spoon, measuring cups, etc.






I’ve been wanting to make colored rice for a while and thought it was much harder than it was.  At the end, it all got mixed together to make beautiful rainbow rice and the kids have played with it numerous times.  I hope this helps you create your own!  Loved these ideas?  Let me know in the comments what you’ve tried then save it or pin it below.






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