Upcycled Marble Maze

Upcycled Marble Maze

Cardboard Marble Maze


Happy Earth Day!  This year we did not participate in a clean up as we have in the past but we did make this upcycled marble maze out of cardboard shipping boxes!  The kids have been off since last Thursday for Easter break so it’s been a bit of chaos at home with all 7 of them all day.  This was the perfect project for my older ones to help make and my younger ones enjoyed playing with for most of the day.  We talked about reusing, reducing and recycling since we can always do better in those areas.  Keep reading below to find out how to make your own! 

What You’ll Need:

  • maze template or draw your own 
  • cardboard flat from cans or soda or build your own shallow box
  • cardboard strips cut into 2” strips to create your maze
  • hot glue gun
  • pencil
  • marble

What To Do:

Cut It

Start by deciding how big you want your maze.  I used an old Spindrift flat since it was already a shallow box.

Step 1

Pencil It

Print out this maze template to give you some ideas.  Stencil in the maze and get creative adding in some extra stops.



Step 2

Cut & Glue It

Cut out strips of 2” cardboard.  Cut and bend as needed to fit the maze path you have penciled in.  Hot glue to secure it.


Step 3


Once you are happy with your marble maze path.  Add in your marble and enjoy!


Step 4



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