DIY Yarn Tassel Garland

It’s officially fall ya all!  I wanted to bring some fall colors into my home but I’m trying to keep things simple and budget friendly this year.  I saw some of these cute yarn tassel garlands all throughout the year and thought I’d give it a try and make one myself.  These were really easy to make plus budget friendly so if you are looking for a fall craft, look no further!  I picked up some colored yarn from the dollar store and a ball of twine.  I already had the dark grey yarn and the large wooden beads leftover from my wooden beaded pumpkin DIY earlier this month.


What You’ll Need:

  • yarn – I used 4 colors but you could use more or less depending what your preference is!
  • scissors
  • yarn needle
  • cardboard 4” x 6” or DVD case – I used 6” as the length (you could make them longer or shorter)
  • twine (optional)
  • Wooden Beads (optional, I used 12 – size 20mm)


What To Do:


Step 1

Cut the cardboard into a 4” by 6” rectangle.

Wrap your yarn around about 40- 50 times, don’t pull too tightly and try to keep the tension as evenly as you can when you wrap around the cardboard.  (Begin and end on the same side)  

CutStep 2

Cut two pieces of yarn 8” long.  

Thread one underneath all the layers on the top of your tassel (opposite side of where your ends are located).

Pull tight and double knot. 

Step 3 

Cut the ends of your tassel.  (Flip around so the knot from the top middle is hidden)



Step 4


Wrap your second piece of 8” yarn about 2” down around, pull tight and double knot.

Trim the ends to give your tassel a more even look (optional).

CutStep 5

Layout the different colored tassels into a pattern that you like.

Thread your yarn or twine through your yarn needle.

Alternate threading a wooden bead and tassel.  

That’s it!  Quick, easy and budget friendly DIY.  I like the versatility of garlands to decorate with and you can always switch out the colors as the seasons change!

Helpful Video Tutorial

See how easy it is to make this diy yarn tassel and bring some color into your home for fall!



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