Must Have Summer Shoes & Dupes

Must Have Summer Shoes & Dupes

Summer is almost here!  Time for fun in the sun so with that switching out closet staples.  My top picks for summer shoes and dupes.  That’s right, I’ve rounded up some of must have summer shoes and dupes below and to save you some money! 


Slip On Basics

A good basic slip on is hard to find.  You want it to be comfortable yet cute because let’s be honest the look is important too.  This neutral canvas slip on from A New Day at Target fits the bill!  Coming in under $30 you just can’t beat the price.  Of course the best part is that it is the perfect Tory Burch and Chanel dupe.  If you don’t like either and are not a fan of the canvas material Sam Edelman also has a good espadrille option.  Of course, if you have it in your budget to splurge I’m linking the options from Tory Burch and Chanel.  

Click  here  or here to shop.

Click here or here to shop.

Click here or here to shop.

Tory Burch Miller Sandal.  Click here or here to shop.

Flip Flops

A staple summer item for me is flip flops and I love the look of these Tory Burch sandals.  Coming in at $198 I just have not yet pulled the trigger.  I’ve been shopping around and these dupes look really good and tempting.  Coming in at 1/3 of the price it’s hard to invest to buy the real thing.  Check out these options for some great dupes!

Circus by Same Edelman.  Click here to shop.




Pierre Dumas Sandals.  Click here to shop.


Report Sandals.  Click here or here.

Comfy Options

Since comfort is key, one of my favorite comfy sandals are Burkinstocks.  I’ve included the classic Burkinstock Arizona sandal and a good dupe option.


Basic Slide Sandal

Another great summer shoe must have is a good slide sandal.  For me comfort is key and it’s a bonus that these happen to be cute options too.  My splurge would be the Sam Edelman or Steve Madden slides but I found dupes at Target’s universal thread options!  Check out the links below.

Sam Edelman Slide Sandals.  Click here to shop.

Steve Madden Slide Sandals.  Click here to shop.


Target Universal Thread Slide Sandals.  Click 

Target Universal Thread Slide Sandals. Click here to shop.






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