Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Spring has sprung let’s have some fun!!  My kids love exploring and playing outdoors so it just made sense to make an outdoor scavenger hunt kit for them.  Simply upcycling an egg carton for this activity was the perfect match.  Read below to see how I put it togther and for my FREE printable to make your own.


What You’ll Need:

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt FREE Printable

Egg carton or box or divided container




What To Do:

Print two copies of my Outdoor scavenger hunt FREE printable. 

Cut around the edges and tape onto the top and insides of your egg carton.  My egg carton was an 18 count egg carton but for a 12 count egg carton you could cut out the squares you like or cut off one row.  If using a divided container such as a tackle box then cut out and tape the relevant squares on top and inside the lid.

That’s it!  Easy to put together and then take your child outside to explore, have fun, and collect the items pictured in the boxes!


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