Easy Bunny Garland

Easter is just around the corner so I spruced up my mantle with an easy bunny felt cut out and yarn tassel garland.  I’ve found that it is easiest if I tie on the seasonal decor to my wooden bead garland then I am able to switch out the colors and decor as I wish!  This has saved me from buying more wooden beads to make a new garland for each season or holiday.  Check out what I did and grab my free printable to cut out some bunnies to decorate your home with!

What You’ll Need:


Bunny Template – FREE PRINTABLE



Cardboard or dvd case about 6″ (if making yarn tassels)

What To Do:

Print out my FREE PRINTABLE bunny template and use it to cut out your felt bunnies.  You can hot glue twine to the back of the bunny and tie onto your garland or hole punch each ear and thread through.  As I’ve said, I think it is much easier to tie on the seasonal decor onto the wooden garland so it can stay up year round and just switch out the seasonal decor but everyone has different preferences!  

For the yarn tassels I chose a neutral off white and light brown colored yarns since my felt bunnies were a pretty teal color.  I have a great yarn tassel tutorial if you have never made them before.  Check my diy yarn tassel tutorial for a step by step guide on how to make your own!

That’s it!  Hang it wherever you’d like a pop of color or some bunnies to enjoy during Spring / Easter season.  I’d love to see if you make this so let me know in the comments or tag me so I can check it out!


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