Painted Pasta Easter Egg Craft

Looking for a fun and easy Easter themed craft?  Try this painted painted pasta easter egg craft!  It’ll take a few minutes to prep but it was so much fun for all of my kids I bet yours will enjoy it too.  My kids have also loved rainbow rice so I figured they would love painted pasta.  Plus painted pasta is easier to sort the colors and clean up.  I had all the items I needed at home making it budget friendly too.  Read on below to grab the free printable Easter egg template and how to make painted pasta!

What You’ll Need:
FREE PRINTABLE easter egg template
What To Do:
In a small baggie, add about 1/4c pasta and 2 tbsp paint and 1 tsp vinegar.  Mix well.  If you need more paint to coat your pasta add a little bit more.  Spread out onto a piece of foil or wax paper to dry.
Print out the FREE PRINTABLE easter egg template onto card stock paper and cut out or use cardboard.
Once the pasta has dried lay out the different colors, easter eggs, and glue for your little one to decorate.
Painted pasta is easy to do and is less messy than colored rice!  My kids find it just as fun and makes for a great creative sensory activity.  We have done sorting, counting, free play and now decorating!  I love that it’s easy and budget friendly.  The boys enjoyed this and I liked that it was an easy clean up.  Have extra painted pasta?  Don’t throw it out!  I keep the extras for another craft/playtime fun for another day!


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