Cardboard Bunny Craft with Kids

With three little ones at home I’ve started to cave and have items delivered to our home as opposed to loading up to go into the actual stores.  I know my husband has noticed as well since he asked the other day ‘about packages being delivered everyday?’  Well no but with more deliveries I do have a lot of cardboard on hand.

These large cardboard cut outs have been so fun to do each season.  At first I made masks with large craft sticks but making an oversized cut out is just easier and just as fun!

All you need is to sketch out the basic shape on the back of the cardboard and cut it out.  Trim as needed.  Then color or paint and decorate as you wish!

With Easter coming up I cut out two round bunny face shapes.  I had my preschooler paint them.  

I drew on a simple mouth and dots for eyes.  My son traced it with a sharpie.  

Since no face or animal craft is complete without googly eyes he glued them on the other bunny and traced an x for a mouth.  

We had some painted pasta leftover so he glued one on for a bow tie!

I think they turned out really cute and the boys had fun playing with them all morning long.



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