Tips and tricks to make your eyes look bigger

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Ever wonder if you could make your eyes look bigger? Maybe it’s for a more youthful look or preference. Visually it could be that you are aiming for a more aesthetic look. Regardless of your reason, there are a number of things you can do however here are a few tips and tricks to try out below.

1. Upneeq treatments

If you have low lying eyelids, check out Upneeq eye drops which can be used to gradually lift your eyelids so that your eyes look bigger and brighter.

This treatment should only for those with low-lying eyelids, so check with your doctor to see if this is a solution for you since you will need a prescription.

2. False lashes

If you add false lashes to the corner of your eyes, but not to the remainder of your lids, then it will have the effect of making your eyes seem much more open while also giving you a unique, flirty look too.

3. Concealer

If you have dark circles and bags under your eyes, then your eyes will seem smaller and more closed. Luckily, this is easy enough to solve by using under-eye concealer to cover up the dark circles. Tip: use ice to contract those bags and make them less noticeable.

4. White eyeliner

If you want your eyes to look dramatic, then black eyeliner is great but if you want them to look bigger and more open, using white liner, on the lower lash line will make it seem like there is more white to your eye, which gives the illusion of a bigger eye.

5. Highlight

Highlighting the brow bone area can help you to sculpt your look more effectively so that your eyes seem bigger than they really are. It can take some practice to apply the highlighter in the right spots to get the look you desire, but once you have got it down, you can make your eyes look bigger quickly and easily.

6. Avoid cat’s eyes

Cat’s eyes might be a great look, but if you want your eyes to appear bigger, then you need to avoid thick smudges of eyeliner, which darken the eye area and actually make your eyes look smaller.

Your eyeliner should be applied thin on the inner eye, light in color and shiny and shimmery for a bigger and brighter eye.

7. Curl your lashes

When your lashes are curled, you can see more of your eye making them instantly appear bigger, It’s as simple as that.

Big, open, eyes look pretty, and using some or all of these tips and tricks, there is no reason why you cannot make your eyes look bigger and brighter!


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