Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day Cards

Easy Homemade Cards

Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day exchanges may be cancelled at school but that doesn’t mean we can’t spread some joy and love!  I made some homemade Valentine’s Day cards with the kids to send to their Grandparents and some friends.   I’ll show you just how easy it is to make a few different designs with only a few sheets of paper.  Tis the season for all things hearts so you will see lots of heart themed blogs these coming weeks!

3D Heart Card

For this card you will need:

3 sheets of paper – 2 sheets in a and 1 sheet a different color.



1 will be used as a base for your card.  The other 2 will be used to cut out hearts.  If making a standard sized card you can print out two copies of this template for 3.25″ heart or use this SVG file to cut out on your Cricut.

Cut out and then fold 7 hearts.

Glue 1 down flat in the middle of your card.  You can choose to glue it on the front or inside on the crease.

Take the first folded heart and glue onto the left side of the heart.  Continue until all the hearts are used.  On the last heart glue both sides so it is attached on the left and the base.


Cut out 8 hearts

Take the next heart and glue down the left side.

Fold 7 hearts in half


Continue gluing down the hearts on the left half

Glue down one of the hearts as a base.


On the last heart glue down both sides to complete the 3D heart

Simple Heart Card

For this card you will need 1 piece of plain paper.  I folded it in half and then in half again to make a smaller sized card.  I took some leftover scrap paper and cut out 1.5″ hearts.  Alternating colors I glued 6 on the front.  Simple, easy and cute!  My 4 year old was quite proud of himself after making it all by himself.

Folded Heart Pop Up Card

For this card you’ll need 2 different colored sheets of paper. 

1 for the base and the other to cut out the hearts. 

Fold the piece of paper like you would for a fan. 

Draw a heart leaving the edges not connected.  Cut around and across but do not cut all the way around.  You’ll get a string of hearts!   

Glue either side down inside your card. 

My daughter wanted to glue on smaller hearts in the middle to decorate it more.

Think that was fun?!  Check out what a few other GalPals are up to with a Valentine’s Day Card blog round up.  Click on the links below to see what they made!









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  1. I love how simple yet pretty these cards are! <3 it’s been soooo long since I’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day, but I think this will be the perfect year to make these cards and send them to my loved ones!

  2. This was such a great blog full of cute tips. Thanks! I’m so NOT crafty

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