Ways to maintain a healthy life and style all year

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We all want to look fresh, no matter the season and it can be hard to find outfits and styles that bring something new all the time.  The good news, though, is that you’re not alone as it turns out that creating your own healthy life and style takes time.  If you find yourself in this position, check out this post for a few ideas on how to maintain a healthy life and style all year-round.  



Have you ever noticed that people with the best attitudes tend to look great? It’s not a coincidence. It turns out that the way you think can have a profound impact on how you look. Think about a time in your life when your attitude was bad or you felt miserable. Chances are, the effects of that event showed up in your appearance. 

The opposite is true, though. The better you feel, the more likely you are to look good. In fact, that’s fundamental to age-defying beauty. If you feel great on the inside, it’ll show on the outside. 



Another option is to choose a a few upbeat items to add into your closet.  Instead of relying solely on black or white, go for something brighter and more uplifting, like a Hawaii style. Find clothes that get you into a tropical mood therefore improving your mood especially in those winter months.  You’ll notice that the clothes you wear have a profound impact on your mood, totally changing how you feel about the day. 


Self Care

Sometimes all you need is a little self care.  If you take care of yourself then you are more able to handle things in your life.  So Instead of buying the cheapest soap you can find, use products that nourish your body and leave it feeling moisturized. Focus on ingredients that leave you feeling cozy after washing. 


Choose A Style That Suits You

Changing your style every five minutes will leave everyone feeling confused, including you. However, building an entire wardrobe around a theme is generally a great idea for boosting your confidence and changing how you feel. What’s more, you can more easily iterate on your outfits when you have a core of reliable wardrobe staples.  Get rid of clothes that do not fit or are no longer in good shape.


Be Prepared

You never quite know what the day is going to throw at you. Therefore, it pays to be prepared.  Bring your essentials with you in your bag, wherever you go.  Some ideas include a travel-sized deodorant, comb, compact, hair clip or bobby pins, wet wipes, gum or mint, and a small moisturizer tube or jar. The goal isn’t to replace your bathroom but to simply to have the basics you need available in case of an emergency.


Eat Right

Lastly, make sure that you eat the right way to support skin and body health. Avoid filling yourself with oily or sugary food every day. Stick to the basics, such as fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Make sure that you eat foods that support skin health and keep you looking younger for longer. 


Doing these things will help you 


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