6 Home Office Decorating Ideas



Before you invest in any home office must-haves, you need to consider how you can make your office a space you enjoyable and productive. Unlike a standard office which you share with others, you have complete control over how your home office is set up, so you can decorate it however you like to ensure productivity and enjoyment. 

So where to begin? Here are six ways you can add some personality to your home office and ensure you feel like it’s the space where you can maximize your work efficiency, avoid burnout, and have a space for you to perform your best. 


Many people remember their first office job when they were surrounded by drab and lifeless colors. Now that you have a home office, you don’t need to worry about this issue. Instead, you can fill your office with all your favorite colors. 

You can paint the walls or even use fun and bold fabrics to add something extra to your space. The added textures give you more options to recover your office chair, throw pillows, or even hang on the wall, especially if you pick a patterned fabric that adds some color into your home office. 

Plants and Flowers 

If you love to bring nature into your home, you need plants and flowers to provide some balance to the space. Houseplants are an excellent way to make any space more interesting, especially if you choose unique plants or something colorful like orchids or even a bird of paradise. 

Your plants and flowers can make it easier to focus and can bring health benefits by cleansing the air which could boost your productivity. 


Artwork is one of the most popular types of decor to boost productivity in your home office, and there are so many types of artwork. 

If you want to take this a step further, you might even want to browse local art shows and galleries to support local artists. Not only will you find something more unique than buying the same thing from a big box store, but you will also have a connection to your community hanging on your wall. 

A Space to Relax 

Although your home office should be a place for productivity, you can’t expect to sit at your desk all day without a break. 

So, a space to relax in your home office could be the solution. Put a sofa in the office and keep a book close by for you to leaf through for a few minutes every hour or two. If you don’t want to read, find a sofa comfortable enough to take a quick break and help you refocus. 


You can also boost productivity and personality with the lighting you use. Harsh overhead lighting isn’t ideal for productivity and can  strain your eyes.  

Desk lamps with adjustable warmth and color can be beneficial, especially if you need to work later than usual. 

Shelf Space 

Installing shelves is a great way to add storage space especially if you don’t have much floor space in your home office. With shelving, you can also put photographs and trinkets to make your office unique. 

Learning how to install floating shelves is a great diy project to tackle and can keep the area tidy to give you the chance to prevent desk clutter.  Keeping your work area neat can also improve productivity and focus. You can add as many shelves as you need to your office which helps you organize important documents and keep them in an easily accessible place. 

Home Office 

Your home office is your space to be productive, and designing an area that reflects your personality (without too many distractions) can help that. Making the space reflect who you are can improve your enjoyment and associate work with something fun, which means you’ll be more motivated to get out of bed in the morning and hit all your professional targets. 


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