DIY Valentines Day Gifts


diy Valentines Day Gifts

Non Candy diy gift ideas!

diy Valentine’s Day Gifts

It’s almost love month so today I am sharing some not candy diy Valentine’s Day gifts!  These easy to put together diy Valentine’s Day gifts are really easy to put together because all you need is to pick up a few small items, print my FREE printable and attach.  That’s it and then you’ll be all set to share some cute homemade valentines day gifts.  If you have kids then you know Valentine’s day tends to be all sweets so I like to keep it not candy but still fun.  Scroll below to grab your diy Valentine’s gifts FREE printables!


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 What You’ll Need:

  • printer
  • scissors
  • washi tape OR string & hole punch
  • cardstock paper
  • mini bubble wands
  • crayola crayons
  • mini playdoh containers
  • pencils (optional)


Scroll down below to grab your FREE printables to make some diy Valentines day gifts!  Depending if you are making one type or a combination will determine how many mini bubble wands, crayons, mini playdoh contains and/or pencils.  *Printables will print four diy Valentines per page.

Play Doh Valentines 

Over the years I have made different diy Valentines so that the kids had something fun to share with their friends.  I have changed some of them over the years as my older kids grew but one that they always love is playdoh.  I got this multi pack on sale at Target.  Cut to attach the mini play doh or tape on.  Click below to print your FREE copy!  

Click Here To Print

Tic Tac Toe Valentines 

Who doesn’t love a classic game of Tic Tac Toe?  My son is in fourth grade and while they may be a little older to exchange Valentines I still have fun making them for him to share.  This simple diy Valentine is easy and quick.  Just print out my free printable and tape or tie on a crayon or pencil!  You can print a FREE copy by clicking below!

Click Here To Print

Bubble Valentines

Every year I put together Valentines for my kids to take to school to share with friends.  One of my kids has several food allergies so we try to do non candy valentines.  Bubbles is one of his favorites so when I found these mini bubble wands at Target I knew exactly what to make this year for him to share with his friends!  You can print a FREE copy by clicking below!


Maze Valentines

Another fun and easy diy Valentine is this Maze valentine.  Just tape or tie on a crayon or pencil to make it a fun gift.  My kids love mazes and this simple one is good for all ages.  You can print a FREE copy of the one I have made this year by clicking below! 



Do your children bring Valentine’s day gifts or cards to exchange at school?  If so, save this pin to make some diy Valentines day gifts for them to bring!











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  1. These are all so cute! I guess I’ll have to do them all. Especially the tic tac toe! So cute!

  2. These are such great ideas on some valentines gifts for anyone.

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