A is for Apple!  Now that my older kids are back in school it is time for my pre schooler to start.  He has a September birthday and will miss the cut off to begin Kindergarten next year so I love that I get an extra year with him!  We have been taking it easy but as his vocabulary is growing it is time for him to get some writing, numbers, and other hand eye coordination skills going.

I’ve shared some letter Aa free printables in the past so I’m rounding them up for this A is for Apple theme.  I also created a few new FREE printables since some of them were too advanced for him at the moment.  Check them out below.

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What You’ll Need:

  • paper
  • printer
  • dot markers or markers/crayons
  • sleeve protector or laminator
  • scissors
  • FREE printable worksheets – A is for Apple

Apple numbers

A is for Apple number tracing and counting!  We did some simple number counting with apples, number tracing inside apples, and apple coloring.  For older kids, I have a ten square with dice rolling for number practice.


A letter practice 

I am starting with the basics so we reviewed the upper case A and lower case a then tried to trace them and color them.   


Apple Anatomy

One of my favorites from last year was this A is for Apple anatomy worksheet.  We cut up and apple and named the parts inside.  My older ones sprouted the seeds and the youngest got to eat it so everyone was happy!   

Apple Numbers


Aa Letters



*Mom tip:  Put these activity sheets inside sheet protectors and use dry erase or erasable crayons, markers or pens so they can be reused or laminate it!  I like these sheet protectors from Target and this is the laminator I have from Amazon!  


                PIN IT


Check it out!
I hope you found some fun and useful A is for apple printables for kids.  Find some more apple printables check out what my friends are sharing on their blogs:

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  1. Absolutely love these! Printing for my toddler!

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